Now Accepting

Accepting Large gear only. Mon-Sat. between 11 and 3pm.
Accepting Summer Clothing by appointment only.

Consignment sells over a 3 month period. You choose either check payment at 40% or store credit at 50%. You have the choice to pick up what has not sold or you can donate the items.

We consign clothing, shoes, baby gear, toys, outdoor toys, bikes, and anything and everything baby/child related. Sizes Newborn to size 8. Shoes to size 3.

Clothing should be clean, stain free, laid flat and season appropriate. 

Toys should have all pieces and be clean

Baby Gear should be wiped down and cushions/covers freshly washed

There is a 10% cleaning fee per item if we need to clean it. 

* Accepting Fall/Winter Apparel in July

* Accepting Spring/Summer Apparel in February

* Occasionally certain clothing sizes may not be needed